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As of March 24, 2018, Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tempore, Lauren LaCount became the official Candidate of the Libertarian Party for Texas Senate District 17. She will appear on the ballot on November 6th, 2018 and Brazoria County, Fort Bend County and Harris County voters will have the opportunity to Choose Liberty for Texas.


She has a proven voting record in her 2 year term that she hopes to carry to Austin in November



  • Property Tax Rates in her city were REDUCED for 2 consecutive years after being unchanged for several years under growing appraisals. Pushing to let taxpayers keep their money and seniors keep their owned homes, while encouraging grant funding and voluntary contribution to meet the needs of the city is the proudest accomplishment of her tenure. When city leadership chose to retire over her fight to lower taxes, she wished them well and stood her ground. Austin needs someone fighting for taxpayers and taking action instead of simply campaigning on broken promises every cycle.


  • Increased Transparency was an issue that brought her from the private sector to public service. During her 2 year tenure, a new City Manager, Finance Director/City Secretary, Court Administrator, and Public Works Director have worked very hard to bring positive change to her city. By working to hire highly qualified and experienced leadership with integrity and goals reflective of what residents asked for, even after she leaves elected office, residents will benefit from more transparency and integrity in their city government than ever before.


  • Community Involvement and Volunteerism was part of Lauren’s life long before she ever imagined being involved in politics. The list of animal groups she has worked with across South East Texas goes back to her days in high school and beyond. She is currently active all across the local level with her volunteer fire fighter husband and 3 young children, leading by example in her community. During her tenure she supported and volunteered in existing community groups within her city like Lion’s Club and the Citizen’s Police Academy. She set higher goals for resident involvement by proposing and voting for the creation of the Economic Development Corporation, Animal Ordinance Review Committee, and Flood Advisory Committee after Harvey so that even after she leaves office residents will have a continuing voice in the issues that matter to them locally. She encourages everyone to get involved locally in things that you love and the cities you live in, to be the change you want to see in your community.


Councilwoman LaCount has been recognized locally in “The Facts” in the Strong Women August 2017 Special Section and her voting record is public information. Her campaign encourages you to compare the promises AND actions of those on the ballot on November with hers and choose #LaCount4SD17

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