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The Texas Legislature has a bloated annual budget, multi-billion dollar slush fund, and an annual SURPLUS from all the taxes fees and fines they collect from us. They are taking more money than they need to run the State and instead of giving it back to us, they are using it to subsidize corporations and special interests. That is not fiscally conservative at all, it's typical politicians at work. Austin is running a con on fiscally conservative Texans by not adequately funding essential services, public education, or pensions for retirees who paid into the system and blaming the local level for having to pick up the slack with higher taxes based on appraisals we don't set. They have underfunded their obligations, stored surpluses in a slush fund, and are now running for reelection on further cutting the budget of the people they pretend to support like police, fire fighters, EMS, teachers and other public servants.

My solution is so simple even a Politician can understand it. Eliminate the inefficient, outdated, beaureacraticly bloated, Property Tax System in it's entirety. I say that we make them put our money where their mouth is and let the State budget fund the services they are constitutionally obligated to fund without the constitutionally prohibited property tax. 

The Texas Legislature keeps pretending to want to reform this system to get re-elected but when they have the chance they do not vote for the proposed abolition of Property Taxes that would allow Texas Property owners to own their own homes and businesses and not pay rent to the State. Why didn't they take action? It's very simple, if they abolish it, they know that they will have to do their job and cut wasteful spending and cronyism FROM THE STATE BUDGET in order to pay police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and all of the other people providing essential services to Texans. They have the money, I've seen the budget and know that our economy is strong and growing, but they are cowardly on fiscal conservatism and only conservative when it comes to social issues like bathrooms and borders. Elect a real fiscal conservative with a proven record of cutting the size and cost of government without sacrificing the services Texans want and need.

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