Should a felon be able to have his 2nd amendment rights restored?

If a felony does their time and probation successfully and rebuild their lives do you think they should be able to have their 2nd Amendment rights restored given a certain amount of time has passed?


I believe that the 2nd amendment is an inalienable right, and by definition, is not granted by government nor subject to lease from the government (licensing/registration). We have a right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property by any means necessary.

My opponent voted against Open Carry in 2015 and blocked constitutional carry last session keeping Texans 2A rights more limited than a huge portion of the nation. CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas was charged with a felony and I do believe that it was with the intent to take his 2A rights away, he personally endorsed me even before this because I have always fought for people's right to self defense as an inalienable right, not subject to government infringement. I believe that the suspension of constitutional rights including the right to vote is dangerous because it implies that all of our rights are privileges and can be suspended by government.

The suspension of a felons right to protect themselves also falls into criminal justice and systematic oppression territory as felons are also discriminated against disporportionally in employment leading to a predisposition to poverty and a higher likelihood of living somewhere that they need that protection and will likely recorded as a result of an attempt to protect their homes, families and self illegally. It's a self fulfilling systemic problem that all too often gets dismissed as "play stupid games, win stupid prizes"

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