The Issues

Check back soon for more details on the issues that matter to Senate 17 residents like:

Property Taxes

As a city council woman, Lauren worked hard and reduced property tax rates In her city every year she served in office. She lowered taxes, not by cutting essential services or staff, but by identifying and eliminating wasteful spending and working to encourage voluntary contribution in her community. She has been working to eliminate the rent we pay to the State of Texas for our homes and bus I eased for years and she wants to take the fight to Austin in 2018.



Self Defense & Gun Rights

My position on our Gun Rights, as the Libertarian Candidate for Texas Senate District 17 is, "Shall not be infringed." It's very simple, the second amendment provides protection for every other Constitutional Right we have.

Some Texans don't understand that we have stricter gun laws than several other states and the legislature is not expanding them.

Texans do not have Constitutional Carry, my opponent worked against it in the legislature. She also voted against Open Carry Legislation in 2015. We need someone who will protect our right to protect ourselves in Senate District 17.

We as Texans have a Right to Self Defense and I will work to defend and expand those rights so that we can protect our children, ourselves, and our property from anyone who would seek to harm or take them.

Support for Local Control and Individual Freedom

Better Solutions for Education and Pension Funding

Increased Transparency in Government

Criminal Justice Reform

All your Rights, Without Exception

Flooding Solution

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