What are Lauren Lacounts thoughts on HB453 and Parental Equality?

 I would love to know your stance on the parental equality bill (HB453) that never made it to a vote last year and your thoughts on parental equality in general. I believe our current family court system is broken beyond belief and that the children as well as the fathers are being hurt the most. I think that both parents should have equal time and responsibility with no child support for either.


I support the bill, with the exception of section 4, because I  believe that the bill changes law enough that it should apply retroactively to other court orders of joint custody as well.

I have very strong feelings regarding parental equality. I firmly believe that Texas should look at the parents as equal in the eyes of the law regardless of gender, religion, or other factors. I spent time in family court as a child and it was my father who ended up being a parent to me long before my mother was fit for the job. I thank God everyday that she didn't fight, because if she had in Texas she would likely have won.

There is absolutely no reason the law should ever favor anyone based solely on their gender. I feel that child support and other aspects of family court are too often abused by the State as a means to punish parents for falling out of affection with each other. Children are not tools and if both parents are caring equally for the child there is absolutely no reason that either spouse should be financially obligated to the other for the child's life. If it was voluntarily that parents help one another to be good parents everyone would be more motivated to cooperate and do what is in the best interest of the child. No parent should have to pay to see their child.

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