Where does Lauren LaCount stand on abortion?

What about adoption over abortion? Should the government be involved at all?


I am pro life. I am a Christian and believe that God knew us before we were conceived and has a purpose for us all, to take that life is murder in my eyes. I do understand however, that not everyone shares my beliefs and government should not torture women who are already making the hardest decision of their lives. I believe that if neither the FATHER OR MOTHER want to raise a child, they should be able to make their own personal choices about the life they created together and answer to their God for those choices, not the State.

When it comes to adoption over abortion, I absolutely prefer that and think that adoption should be encouraged and promoted as much as possible. 

I don't believe in government funding institutions or practitioners who issue abortions, and also disagree with funerals and other such tortures for these women. I have a dear friend who lobbies the legislature as a pro life activist after being convinced as a teenager that it was a "lump of cells". It's a horrifying reality of our society that absolutely breaks my heart, but I can't in good conscience vote for bills that intend to ban the practice with the knowledge of what the alternative will be in the real world.

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